Integrated Monitoring Reports

The reports in this section are a collection of publications produced by various natural resource sector monitoring initiatives.

Assistant Deputy Minister's Resource Stewardship Report

The annual Assistant Deputy Minister's (ADM) Resource Stewardship Report summarizes the results of resource management effectiveness evaluations, inclusive of the Forests and Range Evaluation Program (FREP) results.   It provides recommendations to improve on‑the‑ground resource management practices and decision making. This report’s purpose is to provide a provincial scale status report that will inform decision-making among those who manage British Columbia’s natural resource values on behalf of the public.

Natural Resource Sector Multiple Resource Value Assessments

To support decision makers under the One Land Manager approach, they need access to all the relevant monitoring information in a useable format.  This resulted in the production of Natural Resource Sector Multiple Resource Value Assessments (NRS-MRVA). NRS-MVRA reports consolidate monitoring information from the provincial natural resource sector such as:

  • FREP data
  • Fish passage assessment data
  • Wildlife population data
  • Fish sensitive watershed data

NRS-MRVA reports were piloted in 2015/16, and now have a schedule for roll out over the next years. Priority has been given to areas where an inclusive monitoring report will support on-the-ground decision-making at all levels of government.

FREP Multiple Resource Value Assessments

FREP’s multiple resource value assessments (FREP-MRVA) pull together the results of stand and landscape-level monitoring carried out under FREP for a given area. These reports are limited to FREP data, unlike the NRS-MRVAs noted above.

FREP Reports and Extension Notes

FREP reports are peer-reviewed, science-based and statistically rigorous documentation of the results of monitoring and evaluations. The reports are sometimes accompanied by extension notes and technical guidance.

Cumulative Effects Framework

Cumulative effects are changes to environmental, social and economic values caused by the combined effect of past, present and potential future activities and natural processes.

Environmental Reporting BC

Environmental Reporting BC provides access to scientific data and information about our environment and how it relates to British Columbians. This information comes in the form of indicators that examine the state and trends of different aspects of our environment.