Preventing Lymantria moth introductions

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for preventing movement of Lymantria moth into new areas. The CFIA works to prevent species movement and to intercept commercial goods and vehicles infested with any Lymantria moth life stage.

Regulated areas

Currently no areas in B.C. are regulated for the North American strain European Lymantria moth.

Using its authority to restrict movement of infested material, the CFIA has established "Regulated Areas" for Lymantria moth across Canada. Two regulated areas were established in B.C. in 1998, one around Nanaimo and the other in the Victoria area, but were removed after no moths were caught in two consecutive years of trapping. 

Regulated areas map

See maps of regulated areas in Canada.

Descriptions of the regulated areas in North America are in Appendix I of the CFIA policy directive memo D-98-09. This directive also describes the conditions that restrict movement of plant products.