Gypsy Moth Treatments

In B.C., the Gypsy Moth Technical Committee of the B.C. Plant Protection Advisory Committee (BCPPAC) evaluates gypsy moth management options and makes treatment recommendations. This Gypsy Moth Technical Committee is made up of federal and provincial government experts in gypsy moth management.

When moths are detected in an area, the Gypsy Moth Technical Committee must decide whether that area will be treated and, if so, which treatment method to use. The Committee’s decision is based on many factors, such as

  • The safety of the treatment to humans, non-target organisms and the environment
  • The number of moths caught in the area
  • The location and number of egg masses or other gypsy moth life stages
  • The history of the infestation
  • The terrain and access to the area
  • The cost of the treatment
  • The likelihood of completely controlling the moths in the shortest time
  • The location and number of host trees
  • Other factors constraining the control method being considered

Several treatment options exist, each with its own merits and limitations: