Generating More Value From Our Forests

The B.C. forest industry has changed dramatically over the past century, and will continue to advance as new innovations are developed. Generating More Value From Our Forests (PDF, 10.6MB) is a vision and action plan to help position British Columbia as a leader in inventive and profitable uses for wood.

The Government of British Columbia is focused on four key priorities to help achieve this vision:

  • Maximizing the value extracted from our forests
  • Becoming a world leader in growing trees
  • Expanding international markets for British Columbia wood products
  • Expanding the use of wood in commercial and institutional construction

The action plan provides a framework to mobilize industry stakeholders, investors, researchers, governments and communities around generating more value from wood and wood waste through further manufacturing. The aim is to increase production capacity for value-added products and build new capacity for next-generation forest products.

Solid wood and pulp will remain key components, but the future also holds the promise of new products and new services, including:

  • Bio-energy
  • Bio-chemicals
  • New high-value building materials

This plan for further manufacturing will help promote a vibrant, sustainable, and globally competitive industry for decades to come.

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