2021 Interior Stumpage Appraisal Parameters

Last updated on December 7, 2021

The Interior Stumpage Parameters are a set of market indicators used to calculate stumpage rates for appraised cutting authorities located in the Interior region of British Columbia (BC).  Published monthly, the parameters include a) Lumber Average Market Values (AMVs), b) a 3-month average BC Consumer Price Index, c) a 3-month average US Dollar Exchange rate, d) a rolling 12-month Interior harvest volume, and e) a BC timber sales market adjustment factor.



View previous historical versions of the Interior Appraisal Parameters:

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To report Interior lumber and chip prices fill out the Interior  Lumber and Chip Report Form (XLSX) and email the completed form to LumberChipSales@gov.bc.ca.

For help view the Interior Lumber and Chip (AMV) Sales Monthly Report Instructions (PDF).