BC Timber Sales - West Coast Forest Stewardship Plan #892 (TSG)

Opportunity for Review and Comment

The West Coast Forest Stewardship (FSP), in the BC Timber Sales (BCTS) Strait of Georgia Business Area, shows the location of forest development units (FDU) within the South Island Natural Resource District.

BC Timber Sales (BCTS), Strait of Georgia Business Area, hereby gives notice that its proposed 2022 to 2027 West Coast Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) #892 is being made publicly available for review and written comment before it is submitted for approval to the delegated decision maker for the Minister of Forests. Upon approval, this FSP will replace the currently approved West Coast FSP #638.

The FSP is a landscape-level plan that identifies how the holder of the plan will be consistent with government objectives for managing and protecting forest and range values through the results, strategies and measures proposed in the plan. The FSP also provides a means to solicit and consider the expectations of the public and stakeholders and to consult with First Nations concerning the use of Crown/public land and resources. Once approved, the FSP will guide future forest development including road construction, timber harvesting and silviculture activities.

This FSP will apply to BCTS planning and proposed operations, licences and permits within the South Island Natural Resource District and includes the Sproat Lake, Nahmint, Cous, Effingham, Toquart, Barkley Sound Islands, and Sarita Forest Development Units.

Please be advised, that in response to the Provincial Government’s 2020 Old Growth Strategic Review, BCTS is committed to following the provincial old growth guidance related to strengthening the protection of old growth forests. For more information, please refer to:


The draft FSP #892 will be available to the public for review and comment until July 6, 2022. The FSP is available for review via the links found below on this webpage.  In-person viewing of the FSP may be scheduled upon request via the email address below, at the following locations;

  • BC Timber Sales, 370 S. Dogwood Street, Campbell River, B.C.
  • BC Timber Sales, 4885 Cherry Creek Road, Port Alberni, B.C.

Natural Resource District: South Island Natural Resource District
Plan: DRAFT West Coast FSP #892 (PDF, 782KB)
Effective Date: TBD (2022-2027)
FSP overview location map (PDF, 484KB)
FDU map 1 - Toquart, Effingham, Barkley Sound Islands, Sarita (PDF, 4.1MB)
FDU map 2 - Sproat Lake (PDF, 3.4MB)
FDU map 3 - Sproat Lake, Nahmint, Cous (PDF, 4.8MB)

Written comments may be submitted to the address below or sent by email to BCTS.TSG.Planning@gov.bc.ca; please include “FSP #892” in the subject line of all correspondence. Comments must be received on or before July 6, 2022, to be considered.
A paper copy of the draft FSP may be made available upon request.

BC Timber Sales – Strait of Georgia Business Area Planning Officer,
370 South Dogwood Street
Campbell River, B.C.
V9W 6Y7

Email address: BCTS.TSG.Planning@gov.bc.ca