Applying for a Part 3 Agreement

Application Materials

Program Details

The 2020 Part 3 Agreement program was completed on December 31, 2020, and successful proponents are now implementing their proposed projects. The request for proposals was open to Part 3 Fuel Suppliers under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Renewable and Low Carbon Fuel Requirements) Act.

Project categories supported under Part 3 Agreements include:

  • Infrastructure for the production of conventional gasoline and diesel from co-processed renewable content;
  • Development of “second generation” biocrude feedstocks for use in co-processing;
  • Infrastructure for the production of low carbon fuel, particularly renewable gasoline and/or diesel (including HDRD);
  • Research and development to support the production of renewable gasoline and/or diesel;
  • Retail deployment of higher biofuel blends, including E15, E85, B20, and R100 (100% HDRD);
  • Low carbon fuel blending and storage infrastructure;
  • Scrappage of internal combustion engine vehicles, associated with zero emission vehicle purchase incentives;
  • Deployment of non-residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure;
  • Infrastructure for the production of low carbon intensity hydrogen for use in fuel cell vehicles; and
  • Deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure.