DC Fast Charger Program

The DCFC Network is intended to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by providing increased charging options within regions with high EV adoption while providing mobility across the province.

The Province has invested over $71 million in the Clean Energy Vehicle Program’s point-of-sale purchase incentives, infrastructure, outreach, research and training. 

Through a partnership between BC Hydro, the Province of British Columbia, Natural Resources Canada, local governments, and academic institutions Phase 1 of the DCFC Network deployment (2012-2016) installed 30 DCFC along major highway corridors throughout B.C.


Phase 2 DCFC Network

The Request for Expressions of Interest for Phase 2 DC fast charging station hosts closed June 30th, 2016,  and we are currently reviewing the responses.  Thank you to all who applied.  If you did not apply, but have a suggestion for where to location a DC fast charger, please send an email to CEVEnquiries@gov.bc.ca attention: Jenna LeBlanc.  Your proposed location will be added to a list for future consideration.  

Updates on the DC fast charging network deployment and further information on the CEV Program can be found at www.gov.bc.ca/cleanenergyvehicleprogram.

Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Network Study

In June, 2018 an analysis of DCFC stations was completed for B.C. The study analyzed stations required for an initial core network to ensure geographic coverage for electric vehicle drivers across the province.

British Columbia DCFC Network Study: Core Network for Geographic Connectivity​