B.C.'s Electricity Rates

B.C.’s electricity rates are among the lowest in North America. The British Columbia Utilities Commission is responsible for setting electricity rates that are fair and reasonable. Rates for homes, businesses and industry are all set after consulting with the public.  

Rates for each class or type of customer (residential, commercial, industrial) are designed through a public consultation process to cover the cost of supplying customers in that class with electricity. These rates, known as tariffs, are published by the BC Utilities Commission.

The B.C. Utilities Commissions oversees utility rates, and makes sure all utilities comply with government regulations. If an electricity customer has a complaint about their electricity bill that they cannot solve with their utility company, the B.C. Utilities Commission may be able to help.

Demand for electricity is increasing in B.C., and the system is aging. The B.C. Government, BC Hydro and B.C.’s other utilities are committed to finding a way to

  • Keep electricity rates as low as possible
  • Keep price increases predictable
  • Increase supply and update the system

One way that B.C. is promoting conservation and energy savings is through the smart meter program. B.C. is one of more than 150 jurisdictions around the world, including 116 in North America, that has installed or is installing smart meters and smart grid components.