Community Energy Resources

In addition to our community energy programs, communities can access a number of other programs and advice to support them in implementing their community energy projects.  We maintain a Funding & Support Guide, and provide information and links to some other programs and resources below. 

  • The B.C. First Nation Clean Energy Business Fund: This program aims to promote increased First Nation participation in the clean energy sector within their asserted traditional territories and treaty areas
  • BC Climate Action Toolkit: A climate action resource for local governments that includes an abundance of information on community climate action and clean energy best practices, funding, training, planning and policy development.
  • Community Energy Association: The publication section of this website has a number of useful guides on topics such as community energy and emissions planning, policy development, and developing a green economy in your community.
  • Developing Micro Hydro in British Columbia (BC Hydro)
  • BioEnergy Primer: An information guide on pursuing biomass energy opportunities and technologies in British Columbia.
  • First Nations Home EnergySave Program : The Fraser Basin Council is working with First Nations communities and support organizations to reduce energy use, share success stories, and build local capacity and economic development through the Home EnergySave program.
  • B.C. First Nations Clean Energy ToolKit: is designed as a guide, a step-by-step, how to manual to provide helpful information on how to develop a clean energy project.

Remote Community Energy

There are close to 70 remote communities in B.C. that are not connected to the major natural gas or electricity grid.  These communities have challenges and opportunities in their energy systems that are very different than grid-connected communities.  Community energy solutions support in these communities is tailored to these unique situations.         

The Province of British Columbia and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada are working together through a Remote Community Energy Network (RCE Network) to coordinate funding and resources to support remote community energy projects.  The objective of the RCE Network is to assist B.C. remote communities in implementing community energy solutions by coordinating access to network members’ programs. 

The Province also funds the Remote Community Implementation Program, managed by the Fraser Basin Council, that provides funding to energy efficiency or clean energy projects in remote communities, and hosts community-to-community mentorship initiatives.  

Please visit the Community Energy Case Studies page for a detailed account of the Lasqueti Community Integrated Energy Project, featuring a 55 kW solar PV installation at the local school and heath centre on the remote island of Lasqueti.