Community Energy Support & Resources

In addition to our community energy programs, both on and off-grid communities can access a number of resources and supports to help implement their community energy projects.

Remote Community Energy Resources

There are close to 70 remote communities in B.C. that are not connected to the major natural gas or electricity grid, and as a result are exposed to energy-related challenges and opportunities that are very different from grid-connected communities. Support for clean energy solutions in these communities is tailored to their unique situations.         

The Province of British Columbia, Indigenous Services Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and other partners are working together through a Remote Community Energy (RCE) Network to coordinate funding and resources to support remote community energy projects. The objective of the RCE Network is to assist remote communities in B.C. with implementing community energy solutions by coordinating access to network members’ programs. 

The Province has also previously funded the Remote Community Implementation Program, which was managed by the Fraser Basin Council, to provide funding to energy efficiency or clean-energy projects in remote communities. The Fraser Basin Council continues to hosts remote community initiatives.  

For an example of a successful remote community project, please visit the Community Energy Case Studies page for a detailed account of the Lasqueti Community Integrated Energy Project, featuring a 55 kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic (PV) installation at the local school and heath centre on the remote gulf island of Lasqueti.