Land use - mining

The Mining Program facilitates the responsible and efficient use of Crown land for surface activities associated with mining projects.

Crown land for exploration and development is available by application to the Province of British Columbia (the Province).

On this page:

Through the Mining Development Program, Crown land is made available to qualified mining sector applicants. 

Making Crown land available for sustainable economic growth and public benefit contributes value to the people and province of British Columbia.

This supports economic development in the province of British Columbia.

Application documents

In addition to reading the information on this webpage, the following documents should be reviewed prior to submitting your application:

The following documents must be completed prior to submitting your application:

Who may apply?

The application process is open to:

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are at least 19 years of age
  • Registered partnerships and/or corporations that are registered in the Province of British Columbia or incorporated under the laws of Canada

Types of tenure

  • A lease is available for long-term use, up to 30 years, where substantial improvements are needed, or where definite boundaries are necessary to avoid conflicts
  • A license of occupation is normally issued for short-term use, up to 10 years, and for remote areas where precise tenure boundaries are not required
  • A temporary licence is used to authorize short-term temporary use for exploration, access, or other short-term investigative purposes
  • In certain instances, Crown land may be sold at full market value. Sales are limited to non-shoreland and parcels suitable for registration in a Land Title Act subdivision plan, or surveyed to the satisfaction of Land Act survey standards

Fees and costs

You'll be required to pay an application fee when you submit your application as identified in the Crown Land Fees schedule (PDF, 49KB).

Rent is determined by the type of tenure and BC Assessment (BCA) actual land value. Where no BC Assessment value exists, land value is established as appraised market value for industrial use.

Options are:

  • A lease is available at an annual rent of 8% of BCA actual land value, with a minimum rental of $500 per year
  • An annual rental for a licence is calculated at 7.5% of BCA actual land value, with a minimum rental of $500 per year
  • Prepaid rental of $500 for a two year temporary licence. No partial year payments

Special requirements

Approval of tenure for mining purposes may be subject to a provincial government review process (i.e. environmental assessment review process). Please review the requirements for a Reviewable Project on the Environmental Assessment Office website.

The most common reason for delay is submission of an incomplete application, which is then returned to the applicant.

If your application is accepted, you'll be notified if Advertising is required. Please wait for confirmation before advertising.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the application process, a specific file or a proposal about a specific area, please contact FrontCounter BC.