Tall Wood Initiative

The National Building Code 2020 proposes provisions for the construction of encapsulated mass timber buildings up to 12 storeys in height.

All local governments have been invited to express their interest in adopting these provisions two to three years before the rest of the Province. Province-wide application is anticipated in 2022. 

Eligibility for Participation

Local governments that meet the following eligibility requirements may decide whether to participate in the initiative.

  1. Political support: a council or board resolution supporting participation in the initiative.
  2. Organizational alignment: agreement by the Fire, Building, Planning Departments and commitment by the Chief Administrative Officer to participate in the initiative.
  3. Organizational capacity: involvement of a Building Official with a Level 3 certification from the Building Officials’ Association of B.C. who is either a staff member or contracted for the purposes of this initiative.
  4. Land use bylaws: the community’s zoning bylaw or official community plan supports buildings greater than six storeys in height.
  5. Local government feedback: availability for local government staff to participate in provincial working groups or provide feedback and other information on their encapsulated mass timber construction projects to the Building and Safety Standards Branch.

Local governments will continue to administer specific permits and inspections at their discretion. The Jurisdiction Specific Regulation to allow construction of tall wood buildings in participating communities should be in place sometime in the Fall/Winter 2019.

If you are a local jurisdiction who has not already forwarded an expression of interest and would like to be included in the initiative, please contact building.safety@gov.bc.ca.


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