Many local governments want to support innovative building construction in their communities. Under the Building Act, the Province will expand provincial services to support innovation by implementing:

  • a provincial review process for proposals for innovative buildings, and
  • an expanded scope for the Building Code Appeal Board to hear appeals of alternative solutions

Proposals for innovative buildings: Prior to the Building Act, there was no formal process for builders or developers to obtain the necessary approvals for innovative buildings that might employ construction methods or materials in ways the Building Code does not anticipate.

Under section 8 of the Building Act, an individual (such as a builder or developer) will be able to submit a proposal for an innovative building to the Province for review. The Province will review the proposal to assess if the proposed building can provide an acceptable level of safety and performance. If the proposal is approved, the Province will enact a site-specific building regulation to authorize construction. The cost of the review will be paid by the proponent under the Act’s fee and cost-recovery model.

Building Code Appeal Board: Under the Building Act, the Building Code Appeal Board’s role will be expanded to include appeals of alternative solutions. Although Appeal Board decisions apply only to the specific matter being appealed, decisions on alternative solutions will provide local governments with general guidance on the Code compliance of recurring alternative solutions. The cost of complex reviews will be paid by the applicant under the Act’s fee and cost-recovery model

Timelines: The Province is not yet accepting proposals for innovative buildings, nor is the Building Code Appeal Board expanding its mandate. More information will be available when this occurs.

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