Construction Codes Reconciliation Agreement

Last updated: April 12, 2022

British Columbia signed the Construction Codes Reconciliation Agreement under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.

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Harmonizing construction codes

The agreement will support the harmonization of building, plumbing, fire and other construction codes across Canada.

Harmonizing construction codes, or removing differing requirements between construction codes, will help to decrease construction costs and reduce barriers related to manufacturing, operation, inspection, education and training.

National Construction Codes include the National Building Code, National Plumbing Code, National Fire Code, National Energy Code and National Farm Building Code.

The agreement will affect B.C. codes adopted after 2022, including the:

Construction Codes Reconciliation Agreement

Key commitments of the agreement

By signing the agreement, B.C. has agreed to:

  • Reduce or remove differences between provincial construction codes and the national model codes
  • Timely adoption of construction codes in B.C. (24 months following the release of the National Construction Codes 2020 and 18 months for future codes)
  • Participate in renewing the national code development system to one that better meets the needs of federal, provincial and territorial parties
  • Support making the national model codes available for free in electronic format

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