On-Farm Food Safety (OFFS) Program

Thank you for your interest. Due to overwhelming demand, the final year of application intake is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications.   

The OFFS Program, with a budget of approx. $2 million provides 70% cost-shared funding up to a maximum of $10K to eligible B.C. farm-based businesses (i.e. growers, packers and ranchers) to address existing food safety issues, increase implementation of food safety practices and to meet national (e.g. SFCR came into effect Jan 15, 2019) and international food safety requirements.

The OFFS program is funded by the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative, and is being delivered by Food Processing Skills Canada.

Eligible activities

Cost-shared funding will be available for a range of eligible activities under two distinct categories:

  • Food safety improvements;
    • Equipment purchase and facility; and
    • Other food safety improvements.

Note: A gap-assessment is needed in order to access Food Safety Improvement funding.

  • One or more OFFS or HACCP final audit(s) and certification(s).

Eligible participants

Eligible Participants may include the following agrifood businesses based and operating in B.C. and who are provincially or federally licensed:

  • Farmers/growers producing crops for human consumption;
  • Producers/ranchers raising animals for human consumption; or
  • Packers or co-packers that handle food for human consumption.

In order to be eligible for the OFFS Program, participants will:

  • have an active nine-digit business registration number (BN) with CRA or have an active GST number and file business or farm income taxes in B.C.;
  • constitute a legal entity;
  • be based and operating in B.C., and be provincially or federally licensed (or registered);
  • follow all requirements of the law and agree to remain in compliance for the term of the CAP funding agreement (if the application is approved between the participant and the Recipient); and
  • be registered with the Premises Identification Program livestock and/or poultry

Ineligible participants

Examples of ineligible participants include:

  • operations that grow, process or handle health or nutrition supplements;
  • operations producing pet food or food not intended for human consumption;
  • businesses only involved in food beyond primary production (e.g. processors, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, farm input providers);
  • retail, restaurants or other food service operations;
  • unlicensed, unregistered or uninspected facilities;
  • aquaculture and seafood production/processing businesses; and
  • any other business deemed ineligible by the Province.

Application instructions

To learn more about this program and apply for funding, please visit BC Food Safety.