Market Development Programs

Market Development programs aim to create and expand market-based opportunities, providing advice and support to promote agrifood and seafood products in domestic and international markets.

B.C. Agrifood & Seafood Export Program

Receive funding to participate in a variety of international market development activities

Buy Local Program

Businesses and organizations can apply for matching funding for projects that promote local foods that are grown, raised, harvested, or processed in British Columbia.

Grow Local Program

The B.C. government’s Grow Local program offers funding to B.C. organizations to help increase the ability of British Columbians to grow food locally.

B.C. Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Preparedness Program

Facilitate business development in domestic and international markets to conduct market research and planning activities necessary to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Market Intelligence & Advisory Services

Market Intelligence provides B.C.-based agrifoods businesses with current and timely market information to grow in domestic and international markets.

Domestic & International Marketing

B.C. agriculture, food and seafood products are sold in domestic and international markets. Services are available to inform and prepare farmers, fishers and food processors to take advantage of existing and emerging market opportunities, from local farmers' markets to the growing markets of Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

Domestic Marketing

Many British Columbians are aware of the benefits of healthy eating and healthy living for their families, and the environment. Consumer demand is growing for fresh, local foods from sustainable sources. As the “buy local” trend grows, B.C.’s agrifood producers will have more opportunities to supply fresh, healthy food directly to consumers.

International Marketing

B.C.’s agrifood sector is well positioned to grow in international markets where we have a reputation for high food safety standards, a favourable location, lower shipping costs and excellent ties to Asia-Pacific markets. Our products are in demand around the world as a trusted and tasty source of quality nutrition.

Marketing & Export Workshops,  Seminars

Get access to the right information and business tools to improve your marketing skills, by attending a workshop or seminar.

Marketing Guides

Marketing can help secure sales, generate profits and grow your business. These marketing how-to guides provide tips and best practices for B.C. agrifood and seafood businesses to expand marketing knowledge. Learn how to use market research, improve your sales pitch, sell your product to retailers and develop an e-commerce plan.