Livestock Tag Reader Rebate

The Traceability Adoption Program includes a Livestock Tag Reader Rebate sub-program which offers a rebate to livestock operators who purchase and install approved tag readers.


Livestock Tag Reader Rebate Program


Available Funding

The maximum annual funding per Eligible Participant is $3,500.

Participants are eligible for 70% of project costs, up to the maximum funding level.  Participants may apply for funding each year for new eligible activities only.  Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Eligible Participants

Eligible Participants are required to:

  • have a business registration number
  • constitute a legal entity
  • have an active GST number and file business/farm income taxes in B.C.
  • be registered in the Premises Identification Program.  Registration can happen simultaneously with the application.

Eligible Activities

  • Purchase and installation of livestock tag readers:
  • Purchase and installation of traceability software that is compatible with the tag readers
  • Staff training by a vendor to implement tag readers

Application Instructions

To download the application form, visit BC Traceability Funding Programs.

Submit the completed, signed application and supporting documentation by using your preferred method from the list below:

By E-mail:

Attn: Caroline Gibbeson, B.C. Traceability Programs

By Fax: (604) 806-7806

By Mail:

Livestock Tag Reader Rebate Program

250 Howe Street, Suite 1400

Vancouver, BC V6C 3S7

Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Government of British Columbia, Government of Canada