B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program

The B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program identifies and supports the development of agriculture and agri-foods opportunities within Indigenous Communities, Tribal Councils, and Economic Development Corporations.

The program is composed of two steps:

  • Step 1: Agriculture Opportunities Assessment
  • Step 2: Agriculture Financial and Business Planning

Both steps provide financial support for services from Qualified Business Consultants (PDF), who are preapproved by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture.

Application intake is now closed. Next intake is expected in April 2019.

Eligible Activities

Step 1

The Agriculture Opportunities Assessment provides up to $5,000 to be paid to a Qualified Business Consultant to complete a feasibility assessment of agricultural development options and/or business planning functions related to agriculture. 

Assessments could include:

  • Reviewing the current agricultural resource base
  • Providing a suite of agricultural options with economic analysis
  • Identifying enterprises with the highest likelihood to succeed

Step 2

Agriculture Financial and Business Planning provides up to $10,000 to be paid to a Qualified Business Consultant(s) for financial analysis and specialized business planning. These services may include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Structures
  • Production Economics
  • Financial Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Value Added Ventures
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Additionally, technical (production related) workshops related to the Agriculture Opportunities Assessment identified in Step 1 can also be completed if required.

Each activity has a list of minimum deliverables (DOCX)  the Qualified Business Consultant will deliver.

Eligibility Criteria

Step 1

  • Indigenous Communities, Tribal Councils, and/or Economic Development Corporations are eligible

Step 2

  • Completion of Step 1 or equivalent.
  • Documented leadership decision from Chief and Council or Development Corporation to proceed as recommended in the Agriculture Opportunities Assessment or use this information (or an equivalent feasibility study) to develop an alternate action plan

Application Instructions

  1. Complete eligibility application (DOCX)
  2. Once you have received confirmation of eligibility, use the Qualified Business Consultant list (PDF) to arrange an initial meeting
  3. Review and approve a project proposal (DOCX) created with a Qualified Business Consultant

Note: Work started on B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program projects prior to receiving approval from the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture will not be eligible for support under this program.

Next Steps

  1. B.C. Ministry of Agriculture staff approves the project proposal (DOCX)
  2. Project is completed as per the project proposal (DOCX) (90 days)
  3. Qualified Business Consultant submits final draft report to Applicant
  4. Applicant approves draft report and signs claim form
  5. Qualified Business Consultant submits approved claim form and final report to by email.
  6. B.C. Ministry of Agriculture pays Qualified Business Consultant directly
  7. Program staff contact applicant for feedback