B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program

Application intake is now closed. Application intake will re-open in spring 2020.

The B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program supports Indigenous communities and organizations to identify and develop agriculture and agri-food opportunities.  

The program is composed of two steps:

Both steps provide financial support for services from Qualified Business Consultants (updated July 2019), who are preapproved by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture. The Program Guide (updated July 2019) will help you prepare your application.                               

Eligible Activities

Agriculture Opportunities Assessment (Step 1)

The Agriculture Opportunities Assessment provides up to $5,000 to be paid to a Qualified Business Consultant(s) to complete a feasibility assessment of agriculture and agri-food development options and/or related business planning functions. 

Assessments could include:

  • Reviewing the current agricultural resource base
  • Providing a suite of agricultural options with economic analysis
  • Identifying enterprises with the highest likelihood to succeed

Financial and Business Planning (Step 2)

Financial and Business Planning provides up to $10,000 to be paid to a Qualified Business Consultant(s) for financial analysis and specialized business planning services for agriculture or agri-food enterprises. These services may include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Structures
  • Production Economics
  • Financial Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Value Added Ventures
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Additionally, technical (production related) workshops recommended through an Agriculture Opportunities Assessment (Step 1) can also be completed, if required.

Please review the Program Guide for a list of minimum deliverables and other important information on the B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program.

Eligibility Criteria

The B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program is open to any Indigenous community or government, including a band or tribal council, government of a self-governing First Nation or Métis Chartered Community or organization, Indigenous for-profit or not-for-profit corporation, association, cooperative or institution, or Indigenous business, partnership or joint venture in the Province of British Columbia. 

Additionally, for Financial and Business Planning (Step 2) Applicants must:

  • Have completed Step 1 or an equivalent process

Application Instructions

  1. Review the Program Guide (updated July 2019) and Program Application Form (for either Step 1 or Step 2)
  2. Follow the instructions provided on the Application Form to identify a Qualified Business Consultant and complete the application
  3. Submit your completed application to AgriBusiness@gov.bc.ca

Note: Work undertaken on a project prior to receiving approval from the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture is not eligible for support under the B.C. Indigenous Agriculture Development Program.

Project Process

  1. B.C. Ministry of Agriculture staff review the application
  2. Project is completed within 90 days as per the project proposal set out in the application
  3. Qualified Business Consultant submits final draft report to Applicant (a minimum of two weeks prior to the project end date). Applicant approves draft report and signs claim form. Qualified Business Consultant submits an invoice, approved claim form (DOCX) and final report by e-mail
  4. B.C. Ministry of Agriculture reviews the submission package and pays Qualified Business Consultant directly
  5. Consultant and Applicant complete a short on-line survey