Food Safety & Traceability Programs

Food Safety programs provide reimbursement, cost sharing, education and awareness of food safety practices, as well as activities to identify and analyze new and emerging food safety hazards.

On-Farm Food Safety & Traceability

This program is designed to improve food safety and traceability by providing financial incentives through cost-shared funding to eligible B.C. agrifood businesses.

Post-Farm Food Safety & Traceability

This program provides cost-shared funding to eligible B.C. food and beverage manufacturing facilities, to improve the capacity to address current food safety and traceability issues and to meet emerging national and international food safety and traceability requirements.

Traceability Programs

Traceability Cost-Share Funding Programs

For 2016-2018, traceability cost share funding will be available through the following programs:

Livestock Tag Reader Rebate

This rebate program provides partial funding to eligible applicants, for the cost of new hand-held or panel readers, reader installation, related software, and related equipment training.

Traceability Speaker Funding

This program provides speaker funding to agriculture and seafood organizations to educate their membership about traceability principles, systems, technologies, or infrastructure through educational events such as workshops, seminars, presentations or demonstrations.

Premises ID

Premises Identification is an important part of a full traceability system that also includes animal identification and animal movement.

Biosecurity & Surveillance

The Biosecurity & Surveillance program uses a risk management approach to fund projects.