Damage to Standing Grain

Agriculture producers can get compensation due to wildlife damage to some harvested and unharvested crops by enrolling in the Agriculture Wildlife Program.

You may qualify for compensation if your unharvested grain, oilseed and pulse crops intended for seed production has been damaged by wildlife.


All commercially grown grains, fine seeds, oilseeds and pulse crops that are covered under crop insurance are eligible for compensation. Contact us for more information on eligible crops.

Crops are not eligible when:

  • Grown on land that is ineligible for crop insurance
  • Grown on lands that cannot be harvested using mechanical methods
  • Used for lure or intercept feeding
  • It is straw or other by-products
  • They are on grazing land or native pasture
  • Seeded too late to expect a normal yield
  • They are volunteer crops
  • Damaged by wildlife other than designated wildlife
  • Livestock have remained in the field after winter dormancy, entered the field prior to adjustment, and/or not been withdrawn from a field during the growing cycle
  • Harvested and left exposed to wildlife damage due to management practices
  • Mowed, swathed, in sheaves or stooks, baled, or collected from the field or in storage*
  • Intended for forage, pasture or any other purpose other than seed
  • Losses cannot be measured

*Please contact us for more information.

Application Deadlines

Register by June 15 each crop year. Provide your name, address, age of crop, type of crop, number of acres damaged, legal description, and location and size of fields.

Applicants are required to supply a tax reporting number and signature of authority for compensation claims.

Damage Reporting

  • File a Notice of Loss (NOL) specifying wildlife damage as soon as wildlife damage is detected, prior to harvest
  • Be prepared to show the adjusters where wildlife damage has occurred
  • Automatic crop insurance registration does not preclude your obligations for loss reporting


Losses due to insurable perils are separated from losses due to wildlife and will reduce potential wildlife compensation payments. Please keep in mind:

  • Compensation is available to a maximum of 80% of the verified losses caused by wildlife during the growing season.
  • The minimum damage for claim eligibility is $1000.
  • A minimum 10% visual plant loss must have occurred for an adjustment to be considered.

Damages caused by wildlife will not indemnify losses covered by crop insurance. Grain is valued at the same rate as for crop insurance.


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