2017 Canada – British Columbia Wildfire Recovery Initiative

Incremental Grazing Costs

The 2017 Canada-British Columbia Wildfire Recovery is accepting applications from eligible agricultural producers for assistance with Incremental Grazing Costs due to the BC Wildfires of 2017 damaging owned or leased grazing areas.  The application deadline is June 1st 2019.

The Wildfire Recovery Initiative is cost-shared between the federal and provincial governments on a 60 – 40 percent ratio.  It is intended to help agricultural producers with the extraordinary expenses necessary for recovery and to return to production as soon as possible.

Please find below the application package for the 2019 Incremental Grazing Costs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the contacts listed below. Dedicated personnel are in place to assist you with the application process, as well as verifying damages, losses and the administration of payments. 

Application Process

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions of your application package
  • Complete the General Application form, as well as the appendices (e.g. Land and Livestock Inventory forms and the Canada Revenue Tax form)
  • Complete the L13 Incremental Grazing form (Schedule L13)
  • Upon completion, please return the application to us by scanning and emailing, faxing or by mail
  • Completed applications must be received by June 1st 2019

Forms: Canada – B.C. Wildfires Recovery Initiative for 2017


Damage and Loss Payment Forms

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Contact Details 

Telephone:   1 888 332-3352 (toll free)
Fax:  1 250 861-7490
Email:  AgriRecoveryWildfireInitiative@gov.bc.ca
Mail: B.C. Wildfires AgriRecovery Initiative for 2017-18
  Business Risk Management Branch
  200, 1690 Powick Road
  Kelowna, BC  V1X 7G5

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