Agriculture income protection (AgriStability)

Agriculture producers can adapt and invest in their farm operation by managing the risk of small and large income declines.

AgriStability: We are here for you.

B.C. farmers and ranchers face huge challenges this year. Wildfires, record heat and prolonged drought are combining to destroy the livelihoods so many have worked so hard to earn. The B.C. government, in collaboration with the government of Canada, have taken steps to provide farmers and ranchers with additional and immediate support:

  • The province has implemented Late Participation in the federal-provincial AgriStability program for 2021; the program provides funding to farmers who have experienced income declines due to crop or livestock losses or market conditions. Late participation means B.C. farmers that are not currently enrolled for the 2021 program year can now apply to enrol up until Dec 31, 2022. Late registrants in the 2021 program will receive a 20 percent lower payment rate than those who proactively enrolled.
  • For Farmers who are enrolled or will be enrolling in the AgriStability 2021 program year, they will be eligible to receive a much higher interim payment within a few weeks of completing the application forms. Increasing the maximum interim payment from 50% to 75% of the estimated final payment will improve cash flow for farmers and help them continue operations this year.

These changes are in addition to the Reference Margin Limits removal (retroactive to the 2020 program year) agreed to changes earlier this year by the Federal Provincial and Territorial governments under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement:

AgriStability staff are working very hard to adjudicate claims and determine payments for affected farms and ranches. If your farm has been impacted by conditions this year you are strongly urged to contact our staff.

AgriStability helps stabilize farm income by managing the risk of large income declines.

Why you should include AgriStability in your farm's business plan

How it works

AgriStability protects agricultural producers against declines in their net farming income due to market conditions, production loss or increased costs of production. Payments are made if a producer’s current year margin falls more than 30% below their reference margin.

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Eligible applicants must:

  • Have income from the primary production of agricultural commodities
  • Have carried on the business of farming in Canada and reported farming income (or loss) for income tax purposes
  • Have completed a minimum of six consecutive months farming activity
  • Have completed a production cycle that includes one or more of the following: 
    • The growing and harvesting of a crop
    • The process of rearing livestock
    • The purchase and sale of livestock within a program year in the case of feeding or finishing enterprises

How to enrol

If you have never participated in AgriStability or have previously opted out, you will need to complete some New Participant forms. To know how to do this please read the instructions below:

  • The forms must be submitted to the AgriStability Administration by April 30 of the Program Year or 30 days following the request of the New Participant forms.
  • If you need help, staff are available to assist you with completing the enrolment forms and process. Please contact the AgriStability Administration at 1-877-343-2767.
  • The New Participant forms are listed below and are available by calling 1‑877‑343‑2767 or by emailing

The Productive Capacity information collected on these forms is used to calculate an estimated contribution reference margin and the cost of your enrolment fee. The contribution reference margin uses industry averages and will not be used to determine your program benefits.

Important Dates

Mar 31 
  • Deadline to submit an interim application. Producer must be enrolled in AgriStability for the current program year.

Apr 30


  • Deadline for new participants to request a New Participant Package.
  • Deadline to pay program fee without penalty (or 30 days from date of enrolment notice).
  • Deadline to cancel participation in program year (or 30 days from date of enrolment notice).
Sep 30
  • Deadline to submit harmonized AgriStability and AgriInvest programs information and statement of farming activities without penalty.
Dec 31
  • Deadline to submit harmonized AgriStability and AgriInvest programs information and statement of farming activities with penalty.
  • Deadline to pay program fee with penalty. Producers will not be eligible to receive benefits for that program year if fees are not paid.


Appeals regarding the processing of applications are accepted within 90 days of the date of the decision.

The appeal must clearly identify the nature of the appeal and provide sufficient information and documentation to substantiate it. A missed deadline may be excused if extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated. However, exceptions to program policy like eligibility, or other disagreements with program rules, cannot be appealed.

Adjustment request

Requests to change previously submitted information used to calculate program benefits can be made within 18 months of the date of the original Calculation of Program Benefits notice.

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