Feed BC: The BC Food Hub Network

BC Food Hub

The BC Food Hub Network (Network) aims to foster growth and innovation in the processing sector through improved industry access to facilities, equipment, technology, technical services and business supports. The Network model is being developed in collaboration with industry, communities and post-secondary institutions. It is an innovative approach that is intended to build provincial food and beverage processing while serving the regional and sector diversity of the province.

The BC Food Hub Network will be comprised of a Food and Beverage Innovation Centre at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver and a series of inter-connected regional Food Hubs across the province that will be regionally-tailored, shared food innovation and processing facilities. The Network will bring together services and technology that improve supports to the agriculture, seafood, and food processing industry and advance innovation in the Province’s processing sector. 


Leading the world in food and beverage processing and innovation


Helping B.C.’s food and beverage businesses grow, innovate and commercialize

Regional Food Hubs

The Ministry of Agriculture is supporting a series of regional Food Hubs, including the pilot and demonstration Food Hub at Commissary Connect’s Laurel Street facility in Vancouver and Food Hubs in Port AlberniSurreyQuesnel, and Salmon Arm

UBC Food and Beverage Innovation Centre

The Ministry of Agriculture is currently supporting the development of the UBC Food and Beverage Innovation Centre through an endowed professorship position. Dr. Anubhav Singh, who currently holds the professorship, will help to:

  • Improve B.C.’s food processors’ access to modern processing technology and practices;
  • Provide expertise to help the sector continue to innovate and develop new products;
  • Support the creation of new potential post-secondary programs in B.C. to develop qualified personnel who will to help grow the industry locally;
  • Lead development of the B.C. Food and Beverage Innovation Centre at UBC Vancouver; and
  • Facilitate improved research and information sharing for processors accessing the B.C. Food Hub Network.

What B.C. Food Hub Network will offer

Infrastructure and equipment

  • Shared, commercial production and kitchen spaces
  • Shared office space
  • Storage and distribution facilities
  • Regionally-tailored processing and packaging equipment

Mentorship and training support

  • Access to business mentors and industry experts
  • Product development support

Product development and testing services

  • R&D and analytical testing
  • Collaborative opportunities with academic institutions, industry associations and public and private companies

Networking and information sharing

  • Technology platforms and/or digital resource portals to virtually connect Food Hubs
  • Mechanism to support facilities/equipment booking and operation
  • Support for information sharing and knowledge transfer between sites