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The B.C. Ministry of Agriculture is working across government and industry partners to bring more B.C. food to B.C. government institutions and facilities. Feed BC is working collaboratively to encourage, inspire and support a shift to more B.C. foods.

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About Feed BC

  • Feed BC is working to increase B.C.-grown and B.C.-processed foods in hospitals and healthcare, post-secondary institutions, and other government-supported facilities
  • Increasing B.C. foods involves partners and stakeholders along the food service supply chain: farmers, fishers and other food producers, food processors, food distributors and suppliers, hospitals, campuses and other government facilities where food is prepared and served
  • Different facilities have different food needs. Feed BC works to close gaps and improve opportunities along the supply chain to meet these needs

Increasing B.C. food in government facilities will:

  • Build our provincial food supply
  • Support jobs and businesses for farmers, fishers and food processors
  • Offer more local foods to patients, students and clients

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Feed BC Approach

The food procurement system for government facilities is complex. Even within the same types of facilities, there are different food needs and ways to purchase food.

Increasing the use of B.C.-grown and B.C.-processed foods in government facilities begins with a strong understanding of the facilities food service procurement system. This understanding leads to strategies and opportunities tailored to different parts of the system.   

Feed BC Value Chain Advisory Group 

The Feed BC Value Chain Advisory Group is made up of representatives from across B.C.’s food service supply chain, including producers, processors, distributors, Group Purchasing organizations, food services, buyers and facilities/clients. The purpose of the Advisory Group is to build Ministry of Agriculture understanding of key challenges and opportunities to build new value chain opportunities that enable B.C. farmers, fishers and food processors to bring more B.C. food to the B.C. government facilities' market.

Feed BC Resources

Feed BC has developed reports and resources that build understanding of the food service supply chain and the needs and opportunities for B.C.-grown and B.C.-processed foods in government facilities.

Feed BC Summary Reports:

Feed BC Resources

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