Feed BC

The Ministry of Agriculture is working with government and industry partners to bring more B.C. food into B.C. government facilities. Feed BC is working collaboratively to encourage, inspire and support a shift to more B.C. foods.

About Feed BC

  • Feed BC will increase the use of B.C.-grown and B.C.-processed foods in hospitals, post-secondary institutions and other government-supported facilities
  • Increasing the use of B.C. foods involves all aspects of the food supply chain: farmers and food producers, food processors, food distributors, hospitals, campuses and other facilities where food is prepared and served
  • Different facilities have different food needs. Feed BC will support the food supply chain to meet these needs

Increasing B.C. food in government facilities will:

  • Bring local, high quality and safe food choices to the people government facilities serve
  • Help build our provincial food supply
  • Support farmers and food processors in local communities
  • Bring prosperity to local communities across the province

Cartons of strawberries and tomatoes

Feed BC Initiatives

The Ministry of Agriculture is working with other partners like the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, and with agricultural producers, processors and distributors to identify Feed BC opportunities.

Feed BC in Interior Health

Interior Health is a key partner in the first initiative of Feed BC currently underway in B.C’s southern interior.

Details on future projects will be posted as information becomes available. Please check back for updates.