Premises Identification Program

Premises Identification, one of the pillars of Canada's livestock traceability system, links livestock and poultry to geographic locations. The British Columbia Premises Identification Program was established to reduce the impact of livestock disease or natural disaster emergencies by gathering and organizing information about the location of animals, the types of animals at each location and how to contact those responsible for the health of those animals quickly.

If you raise livestock or poultry, or they are transported to and from your parcel of land, a Premises ID is an important step in protecting the health and safety of your animals and those of other British Columbia and Canadian producers.

A premises is a parcel of land where animals, plants or food are grown, kept, assembled or disposed of and includes such places as:

  • Farms/stables
  • Hobby Farms
  • Feedlots
  • Pastures
  • Community pastures
  • Hatcheries
  • Abattoirs
  • Assembly yards
  • Auction/Livestock sale facilities
  • Rendering plants
  • Zoos/petting zoos
  • Exhibition/fair grounds
  • Race tracks/competition facilities
  • Veterinary hospitals/labs
  • Insemination centres
  • Research facilities

Livestock and poultry owners can provide basic land and contact information for their premises and will receive a Premises Identification Number that is unique to the parcel of land. There is no cost to register.

Benefits of Premises Identification

  • Allows for rapid notification of livestock and poultry stakeholders
  • Helps prepare for animal health, natural disaster and food safety emergencies (for example, livestock disease)
  • Facilitates rapid evacuation of animals in a natural disaster emergency (for example, floods or fire)
  • Helps track animals in an emergency
  • Reduces the impact of an emergency
  • Helps maintain or provide for greater market access