Class D & E Licences

Class D and E licences allow on-farm slaughter. Find out which licence is right for your farm.

If the operation is in a designated area, apply for a class D or class E licence.

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New Designated Area

If the operation is not in a designated area

Class D Licence

The class D licence allows on-farm slaughter of 1-25 animal units* for direct sale to consumers or retail sales to secondary food establishments (for example, restaurants and meat shops) within the boundaries of the region where the meat was produced. Class D licensees may slaughter their own, or other peoples’ animals. Class D licences are available in 10 provincially designated regions.

Class E Licence

The class E licence allows on-farm slaughter of 1-10 animal units* annually for direct sale to consumers. Sales are restricted to the region in which the meat was produced and operators are only permitted to slaughter their own animals. 

Class E Licences are only available when slaughter services are not available to the producer. 

In order to support local slaughter capacity and local food security, the Ministry of Agriculture is reducing the travel time restriction associated with Class E applications from 2 hours to 1 hour.  The Ministry of Agriculture will recommend against a Class E licence if a Class A or B abattoir is located within one hour travel time of the proposed Class E establishment.

How to Apply

Complete the following steps to apply for a class D or class E licence. If the operation is located in a non-designated area, a class E feasibility study (PDF) is required prior to applying to a SlaughterSafe training course.

  1. SlaughterSafe training course
  2. Food safety plan for the operation
  3. Site assessment with the regional health authority
  4. Class D/Class E application form (PDF, 32 KB)

* Note: "animal unit" means a combined animal weight, when measured alive, of 455 kg (1,000 lbs)