Class D & E Licences

Class D and E licences allow on-farm slaughter. Find out which licence is right for your farm.

If the operation is in a designated area, apply for a class D or class E licence.

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If the operation is not in a designated area

Class D Licence

The class D licence allows on-farm slaughter of 1-25 animal units* for direct sale to consumers or retail sales to secondary food establishments (for example, restaurants and meat shops) within the boundaries of the region where the meat was produced. Class D licensees may slaughter their own, or other peoples’ animals. Class D licences are available in 10 provincially designated regions.

Class E Licence

The class E licence allows on-farm slaughter of 1-10 animal units* annually for direct sale to consumers. Sales are restricted to the region in which the meat was produced and operators are only permitted to slaughter their own animals. 

Class E Licences are only available when slaughter services are not available to the producer.  These resources are available to determine whether there is a licenced establishment within 2 hours travel time of the farm:

How to Apply

Complete the following steps to apply for a class D or class E licence. If the operation is located in a non-designated area, a class E feasibility study (PDF) is required prior to applying to a SlaughterSafe training course.

  1. SlaughterSafe training course
  2. Food safety plan for the operation
  3. Site assessment with the regional health authority
  4. Class D/Class E application form (PDF, 32 KB)

*One animal unit means: combined weight, when measured alive, of 1,000 lbs (454 kg) of meat.