Fish and seafood processing

Fish and seafood processing plants produce fresh, frozen, smoked, canned and other value-added products for sale in both the local and international markets.

A commitment to quality

We are proud of our integrated, well-managed, closely monitored and efficient seafood processing sector. We apply leading technologies and practices on fishing grounds, on farms, and in Government of Canada-inspected and -approved processing plants.

Safe, high-quality B.C. seafood is harvested, processed and sold throughout the province. Commercial fishers with Fish Vendors licences can be found selling their own catch to the public at docks and fisherman’s wharves. Licensed Fish Buying Stations receive the catch from the fishers, transport fish to the processing plants and may also offer fish and shellfish for sale to grocers, at farmers markets and other outlets.

Processing plants

Processing licence

Fish and other seafood, and aquatic plant processors require a processing licence.


Processing plants may need to be registered.

Review the information below if your plant is:

Reporting requirements - fisheries and aquaculture

Holders of fisheries or aquaculture licences are required to submit reports on their operations under the Fisheries Act or the Fish Inspection Act.