Home & Garden Pest Management Guide for British Columbia

The Home and Garden Pest Management Guide for B.C., 2009 edition, is available for purchase through Crown Publications. This 360 page publication provides information on identification and management of pests, diseases and weeds in the home and garden.

This publication:

  • Emphasizes pest prevention and Integrated Pest Management
  • Describes practical easy to use pest management practices
  • Includes information on over 400 common pests and diseases of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and lawns
  • Contains over 300 colour photographs of beneficial insects, plant pests and weeds
  • Includes sections on household pests, weeds, poisonous plants, birds, rodents, deer and other mammals
  • Provides information on new invasive pests and weeds that may threaten agriculture, forestry and the environment
  • Will help you accurately identify pests and prevent and manage pest problems using a combination of pest management practices, including cultural activities, biological controls, and pest control products registered by Health Canada for use in the home and garden
  • Provides tips on composting, fertilizing, lawn care, pruning and safe use of pesticides

Home Garden Guide Content and Sample Pages