The toxicology laboratory at the Animal Health Centre is now closed.  This means that toxicology testing previously conducted by the Animal Health Centre must now be undertaken elsewhere.  

The Animal Health Centre is still committed to excellence in disease diagnostics, and recognize that toxicology can play a vital role in reaching a diagnosis or understanding an animal health issue.  For this reason, our pathologists have the option on necropsy‐type cases to send samples for toxicology testing to outside laboratories.

Toxicology Testing

The primary goal of the pathologist is to arrive at a diagnosis.  When the pathologist decides that toxicology testing is necessary as part of the case work‐up, there is no extra charge to the client.  When this testing is not part of the pathologist’s regular work‐up on the case (i.e., the pathologist does not deem it necessary to achieve a diagnosis) then the client will be charged for all outside toxicology tests.

The following flow chart provides guidance as to which samples can be submitted to the Animal Health Centre and how toxicology charges will be handled.  Please contact the lab directly should you have any questions.