South Coast - Overview

The South Coast is both a significant supplier and consumer of agricultural products, and a major contributor to the province’s economy and food security.

The region is favoured with a large and diverse local market, easy access to the U.S. border and Port Metro Vancouver for international markets. Over half of the province’s population lives in the Metro Vancouver area.

Growing Conditions

The South Coast has excellent growing conditions, featuring a cooler, wetter climate and fertile soils. These conditions allow for a broad range of crops and livestock types and are especially suitable for high-value crops that have strong domestic and international markets.

Crops, Livestock & Food Processing

Over 200 commodities are produced commercially in the South Coast, including cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, potatoes, dairy products, poultry and eggs. The region also hosts the majority of the greenhouse businesses in the province.

Local South Coast Information

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