Extensive crop and cattle production in this region is supported by both private land and a variety of Crown land agreements. Producers are well connected to processors, markets in Alberta, and overseas markets via rail and highway links to transport hubs in Prince George and Prince Rupert.

Growing Conditions

Coastal areas are mild, with heavy rainfall. In the interior, the frost-free season is short but summer daylight hours provide ample sunlight. While climate restricts some land uses, many soils are productive and can support diverse activities.

Crop, Livestock & Food Processing

Products include grass and hardy legumes, grains, oilseeds, root crops and other vegetables, and some tree fruits, berries and nuts. Wild harvest, such as mushrooms and ornamentals, also occurs. Along with cattle, significant livestock includes horses, dairy cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry and eggs, and specialty products like ostrich.

Local Omineca-Skeena Information

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