Manure Management

Proper manure management techniques are part of responsible waste management practices.  A by-product of livestock operations, manure can be used as a nutrient input for crop production.  Manure must be stored and managed properly to avoid environmental impacts such as groundwater contamination.

Manure Storage

A well-planned manure storage system is an asset to any livestock operation. Livestock manure is a valuable fertilizer for farm crops and adequate storage is a key component of a sustainable agricultural enterprise.

Manure Handling Systems

Manure can be handled as a solid, semi-solid or liquid. Manure will vary in consistency depending on the type of management and animal housing.

On-Farm Biogas Production

Information about on-farm biogas production through anaerobic digestion of manure and other organic byproducts.

Wood Residue Use

Wood residue includes hog fuel, mill ends, wood chips, bark and sawdust, but does not include demolition waste, construction waste, tree stumps, branches, logs or log ends. The use of wood residue in agriculture is accepted as long as it is used for agricultural purposes and avoids pollution.