Agricultural Land Commission

The provincial Agricultural Land Commission is an independent administrative tribunal dedicated to preserving agricultural land and encouraging farming in British Columbia.

The purposes of the Agricultural Land Commission, as set out in Section 6 of the Agricultural Land Commission Act are:

a) to preserve agricultural land;
b) to encourage farming in collaboration with other communities of interest; and
c) to encourage local governments, First Nations, the government and its agents to enable and accommodate farm use of agricultural land and uses compatible with agriculture in their plans, bylaws and policies.

Performance Indicators

In March 2016, the Agricultural Land Commission adopted a number of performance indicators part of the Province’s cross-government commitment to strengthening public sector governance and accountability.  The Agricultural Land Commission also received a letter of expectations from the Minister of Agriculture as part of measures to improve service and accountability to British Columbians.

Money Back Guarantee

Effective April 1, 2016, the Agricultural Land Commission will implement a money back guarantee, providing applicants a full refund if they do not receive a decision on their application within 90 business days.