Enforcing a Monetary Order

An order cannot be enforced until the review period for an arbitrator’s decision has passed.

Once the review period is finished and the Monetary Order has not been suspended, it can be enforced in the Provincial Court of British Columbia (Small Claims).

Follow these steps:

  1. Be prepared to provide as much information about the other party as possible (e.g. where the person lives, works, banks, etc.) along with proof that the order was served properly
  2. Contact the nearest court registry to confirm requirements specific to your case (e.g. do you need to visit a court registry nearest to the disputed address?)
  3. After confirming which location is best, visit a registry to file the original Monetary Order (or a certified copy of it) and a completed Confirmation of Service of Monetary Order for Enforcement Form (PDF) with necessary receipts or tracking documents attached
  4. Pay filing fees  – these can be added to your court claim

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