Recording of Hearings

The Residential Tenancy Branch records all dispute resolution hearings. The RTB will use recordings for quality assurance and training purposes.

If a party to a hearing would like to request a recording, they will need to follow the following steps:

  • Complete and sign RTB Form 54  
  • Email completed and signed form to
  • Be sure to include in the email's Subject line – “Request for a Hearing Recording – RTB File #”
  • RTB will review the form and email the party back with more information
  • Please note: Recordings will not be released until 20 days after the final decision has been issued
  • Do not provide a copy of your recording for any application for Review Consideration, Clarification or Correction

A copy of the recording will be accompanied by an order of the Director reflecting its intended use to allow the parties and their authorized representatives to better understand what transpired at the hearing and make informed decisions if they are considering bringing a judicial review. Thus, the order will prohibit the modifying, publishing or unauthorized sharing of the recording but, where the circumstances warrant it, the Director can alter the terms of their order. A person who fails to comply with an order of the director may be subject to an administrative monetary penalty under the legislation.

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