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A site map listing all the residential tenancies pages and subpages. 

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For convenience, this map is numbered, but numbers do not correlate with sections of the Law or the tenancy guides.  Major headings are in bold.

1. Apply Online: use our fast and easy online application to resolve your tenancy issues
          a. Prepare for Your Hearing
                  i. Preparing Evidence
                 ii. Submitting Evidence
          b. Fees & Fee Waivers
          c. Landlord's Direct Request: fast dispute resolution process when a tenant hasn't paid rent   

          d. Tenant's Direct Request: fast resolution process when a landlord hasn't returned a deposit
          e. Make a Cross Application: file a counter-claim in response to an application
          f. Amend or Update an Application
          g. Join Applications
          h. How to Complete a Paper Application
          i. Hearing Process

3. Starting a Tenancy: learn about rights and responsibilities at the start of a tenancy    

      a.Tenancy Agreements
      b. Deposits & Fees
      c. Pets
      d. Moving In

4. During a Tenancy: learn about rights and responsibilities during a tenancy
     a. Paying Rent
      b. Rent Increases
            i.   Standard Rent Increase
            ii.  Proportional Amount Rent Increase
            iii. Additional Rent Increase
      c. Repairs & Maintenance
      d. Landlord's Access
      e. Possession of the Unit
      f. Quiet Enjoyment
      g. Changes to the Agreement

      h. Guests during Tenancies 
      i. Pets
            k. Problems with Pets
      l. Sublet & Assignment
      m. Selling a Tenanted Property
      n. Serving Notices During a Tenancy
      o. Talking it Over
      p. Get it in Writing
      q. Cannabis

5. Ending a Tenancy: learn about rights and responsibilities at the end of a tenancy
      a. Tenant Notice to End Tenancy
      b. Landlord Notice to End Tenancy 
           i.   10 Day Notice to End Tenancy for Unpaid Rent or Utilities
           ii.  One Month Notice to End Tenancy for Cause
           iii. Two Month Notice to End Tenancy for Landlord's Use of Property
           iv. ​Four Month Notice to End Tenancy for Demolition or Conversion of  Rental Unit
                    -Tenant Notice: Exercising Right of First Refusal
                    - 45 Day Notice of Availability
           v.  12 Month Notice to End Tenancy for Conversion of Manufactured Home Park
      c. Moving Out
      d. Returning Deposits
      e. Ending a Tenancy in Special Circumstances
            i.   Ending a Tenancy for Family Violence or Long-Term Care
      f. Pets
      g. Items Left Behind
      h. Changing Your Mind About Ending a Tenancy
      i. Claims for Damages or Loss

6. Solving Problems: get help solving problems and information about the dispute resolution process
      a. Talking it Over

      b. Dispute Resolution
            i.   Scheduling a Hearing
            ii.  Serving Notices for Dispute Resolution
            iii. During the Hearing
            iv.  After the Hearing
                  A. Serving and Enforcing Orders
                        Serving a Monetary Order
                        Enforcing a Monetary Order
                        Serving an Order of Possession
                        Enforcing an Order of Possession
                  B. Review, Clarify or Correct a Decision

b. Compliance and Enforcement Unit

7.  Calculators & Publications: discover publications and tools that will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant.
      a. Calculators
      b. Search Past Decisions
      c. Quick Tips for Landlords & Tenants
      d. Videos
      e. Information Sheets
      f. Policy Guidelines
            i.   Policy Guidelines Listed Alphabetically
      g. The Law & Rules
      h. Glossary

8. Forms

9. Information for New Landlords

10. Natural Disasters and Tenancies

11. Find It Fast (This Page)

The content on this website is periodically reviewed and updated by the Province of British Columbia as per the date noted on each page: March 14, 2022.

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