Proportional Amount Rent Increase

Annual allowable rent increase for 2022 will be 1.5%

Residential Tenancies: 

  • The 2022 maximum increase will be 1.5%

Manufactured Home Parks: 

  • For manufactured home park tenancies, the 2022 maximum increase will be 1.5% plus a proportional amount for the change in local government levies and regulated utility fees 

Notice of rent increase

When issuing a new notice of rent increase, a landlord must:

  • Use the approved notice of rent increase form
  • Use the maximum amount for 2022: 1.5%
  • Give the tenant no less than three full months before the notice takes effect. For example:
    • If rent is due on the fifteenth of each month, notice must be given before October 14, 2021 and the first increased rent payment will be due January 15, 2022

Use the correct form:

Manufactured home park landlords can increase the rent by the annual allowable amount plus an additional amount to cover local government levies and regulated utility fees.

The “proportional amount” (also known as an enhanced rent increase) is the change in local government levies plus the change in regulated utility fees, divided by the number of manufactured home sites in park. This means that each tenant of the park pays for a part of the year’s increase in taxes and fees. Please note, conventional residential tenancies may not increase rent by the proportional amount.

Expenses Included

Only the cost of government levies and regulated utility fees for the common property of the park can be included in the rent increase calculation:

  • Government levies: Items that are listed on a local government tax notice such as school taxes, hospital levies or garbage collection fees
  • Utility fees: Charges for public utilities such as electricity, natural gas, water, telephone and cable

Other expenses cannot be included. For example, if electricity is generated by diesel fuel, a landlord cannot include the increased cost of fuel.

Notifying Tenants

Landlords must notify manufactured home park tenants about a proportional amount rent increase – tenants must receive a full copy of the following form:

Complete the Form and Submit Proof

The landlord must be sure to complete the entire form and provide access to a complete copy of the following documents:

  • Tax statements for the most recent 12 months and previous 12 months (depending on the time of year, up to 3 years of statements may be required)
  • Invoices for local government services for the most recent 12 months and previous 12 months
  • Invoices for regulated utilities (electricity, natural gas, etc.) for the most recent 12 months and previous 12 months

These documents may be posted in a common area for all tenants, but the landlord must provide a tenant with copies upon request.

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