Apply to become a Panel Member

If you are interested in serving on a Property Assessment Review Panel, please first read About the Panels.

For specific information about becoming a member, please review the following:

The Property Assessment Review Panel will be conducting the majority of hearings online through its electronic platform. Going forward, all appointees will be required to possess and have access to a laptop computer and commonly used software for use during hearings for the term of their appointment


Individuals seeking Appointment:

Please ensure that you have reviewed the Job Descriptions, Commitment and Accountabilities, Duties and Responsibilities, Eligibility, Skills & Training and Vacancies links above prior to completing your application.

If you are interested in applying for appointment to the 2022 Property Assessment Review Panel, please follow the simple steps below. Please remember to check the Appointment box on the first page.

  • Step 1:  Open a 2022 application form [PDF] and print the entire document;
  • Step 2:  Complete the document ensuring that all sections are filled out;
  • Step 3:  Sign the document;
  • Step 4:  Scan your completed form and email to

If you do not have email access, you can mail the completed application form to the PARP Administration Office at the address below.     

PARP Administration Office


Please ensure that all required sections are completed and your application is initialed and signed where indicated.  Incomplete applications can delay the processing and may result in ineligibility for appointment.

Applications for member and Chair positions are welcome at any time during the year. The appointment of individuals to Panels occurs by Ministerial Order typically between September and December of the year preceding the beginning of Panel hearings. If you have applied for a Panel position but have not been informed regarding your status prior to the beginning of December, it is likely that your application is still in the process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your application, please contact the PARP Administration Office at 250-356-7535.

Current Members seeking Re-Appointment:

If your appointment is ending on November 1st of the current year and you wish to apply for re-appointment, you are required to complete the 2022 re-application form [PDF].  Please ensure you check off the re-appointment box on the first page.

Please follow the instructions found above related to submitting the application form once it is completed.  If your information has not changed since your last application (such as education or employment), you may mark “No Change” in the relevant section but all required declarations must be initialled and the completed form signed prior to being submitted.

Please note: If you have any questions in regard to PARP or the appeal process, please contact the PARP Administration Office at 250-356-7535


Remuneration and Expenses

Remuneration for Members is $425.00 for a full day and $212.50 for each half day. Remuneration for Chairs is $600.00 for a full day and $300.00 for each half day.

The Property Assessment Review Panel Remuneration Plan can be found here.

Chair and Member positions are part-time and are not employees of the public service.

Appointments and remuneration is set by Ministerial Order in accordance with direction of Treasury Board Directive 1/20.