Property Assessment Review Panels


Under the Assessment Act, Property Assessment Review Panels (PARPs) are appointed by the Minister of Finance to review property assessments. PARP hearings take place between February 1 and March 15 each year.

Each panel has three members, one of whom is appointed as Chair. Panel members are selected on the basis of merit,  [PDF: policy document],  following an open, transparent and consistent process. The individuals selected are fair and open-minded, and possess business and/or community experience.

For a complete job description, please click Chair job description (PDF) or Member job description (PDF).

Approximately 35 panels are appointed throughout the province to hear property assessment complaints.

PARPs have the authority to investigate and adjudicate property assessments. Their purpose is to ensure that property assessments reflect actual (market) value. They also ensure that assessments are applied consistently within a municipality or rural area. They do this by reviewing and making decisions on formal complaints filed by the public.

PARPs are the first formal level of review for property assessments. Property owners may appeal panel decisions to the Property Assessment Appeal Board. Board decisions may be appealed to the Supreme Court of British Columbia on points of law.