About the Canadian Standards Association Certification Label

The manufacturer attaches a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification label to each manufactured home before it leaves the factory. Generally, you`ll find the CSA label affixed to the exterior near the front door. The label shows the CSA number for the home and the home may not be sold without access to the originally assigned CSA number.


If a CSA certificate label is removed or lost, a new label cannot be issued and so the home must be re-certified.

Technical Safety BC will allow a licensed electrical contractor to inspect the home’s wiring to ensure it meets safety standards. An electrical approval label is prepared and can be used in lieu of a CSA label to list the manufactured home for sale. Contact Technical Safety BC at 1 866 566-7233 for more information.

The Law

Safety Standards Act, Electrical Safety Regulation, Section 21: The law states a person must not sell a used manufactured home unless the electrical equipment meets current standards and a CSA label is displayed by the appropriate provincial safety manager.

The Manufactured Home Act, Section 32: This law states a person must not sell a previously unoccupied manufactured home that was manufactured after May 15, 1992, unless it complies with the standards as per the Manufactured Home Regulation, Section 2.