Buying, Selling or Moving

Whenever you buy, sell or move a manufactured home, information must be updated with BC Registries and Online Services. 

Buying and Selling

When buying from the owner or transferring ownership to a new owner, you will need to file the original signed and witnessed copies of the following forms:

Make sure the CSA certification label is attached to the manufactured home at the point of sale.

You will need to submit your documents, plus applicable fees, through a Qualified Supplier. These are lawyers and notaries, home manufacturers, home dealers, and other service providers who are approved by the Manufactured Home Registry to submit forms on your behalf for a fee. Ask your current service provider if they are a Qualified Supplier. If you wish to use our preferred service supplier, contact Dye & Durham.


You must have a permit to move a manufactured home; this ensures the current location of your manufactured home is registered.

You will need original signed copies of the following:

You will receive a transport permit that expires 30 days after the date of issue. The move of the manufactured home must take place at some time within 30 days of the permit being issued.

If you have moved your manufactured home without a permit, you must complete the following form:

Include supporting documentation to show that the taxes due at the registered location have been paid.

Submit documents, plus applicable fee in either of the following ways:

  • In person at a Service BC location
  • Through a Qualified Supplier (approved service provider)
  • Through BC OnLine -  if you are a qualified account holder