Role of Government

Making sure there's enough affordable housing in B.C. is a joint responsibility across all levels of government. Here's an overview of what governments are accomplishing.

Local Governments

  • Adopting growth strategies and plans that encourage affordable housing units
  • Nurturing a regulatory environment that's "housing-friendly" by allowing secondary suites or promoting increased density and housing options
  • Providing pre-zoned land for development and higher-density transit
  • Offering property tax incentives and targeted reductions to build or renovate affordable housing
  • Streamlining development approval processes

Provincial Government

  • Regulates real estate development / marketing, home warranty insurance, landlord-tenant relations, land use planning and development finance
  • Invests in public transit
  • Partners with local governments, non-profit agencies and housing stakeholders
  • Funds social housing programs and projects
  • Maintains the BC Building Code, creating efficiencies so that it's easier to approve options such as secondary suites
  • Develop uniform technical standards that simplify building code compliance

Federal Government