Tools for Local Governments

Local governments play a key role in supporting affordable housing in. In B.C., municipalities of all different sizes are using an array of tools including regional growth strategies, transportation plans, and zoning to affect housing affordability. Learn about some of the tools and resources and available to your community.  

Role of Government

Making sure there's enough affordable housing in B.C. is a joint responsibility across all levels of government. Here's an overview of what governments are accomplishing.

Defining Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is an important part of every community in B.C., but it can mean something different for everyone. A common understanding of the factors that influence housing affordability can help local governments decide which tools to use in their community.

Policy & Planning Tools

There are several tools municipalities can use to affect housing affordability. Learn more about the different plans and strategies local governments of all different sizes are using to respond to housing needs in their communities.

Taking Action on Housing Affordability

Explore some of the processes, zoning solutions, and incentives local governments can tailor to turn policy into action on affordable housing.

Explore Within


Explore local government guides, standards of maintenance, programs and tools, as well as links to housing organizations in B.C.

Explore Within


This webinar series focuses on affordable market housing in B.C. – a provincial forum for talking about and sharing examples of affordable market housing in our communities. 


These terms are commonly used to discuss different types of housing and housing affordability options.