Youth & Family Services

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The Ministry of Children and Family Development provides a wide range of services to help young people and their families when they are having difficulties, when youth are sexually exploited, have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, are living on the street, have mental health problems, or a combination of issues.

The services we provide can:

  • help you make changes in your life
  • better your relationships with friends and family
  • help you find housing
  • help you finish or continue education
  • enable you to gain skills and education to get a job
  • help you learn to manage your emotions and behaviour
  • if you are living on the street, we may help you get home
  • work with you to kick your drug or alcohol addiction
  • provide your parents with education and counseling
  • help you learn to manage money

For more information about Youth Services, visit the Youth & Family Services website.


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