Dental Coverage

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Depending on what kind of assistance you receive, you may be able to have basic dental costs covered. Everyone who receives assistance can access emergency dental services to relieve pain.


You may be able to get basic dental coverage if you:

  • Are eligible for general health supplements
  • Receive disability assistance
  • Qualify as a person with persistent multiple barriers

This includes basic dental coverage for you and your spouse:

  • Up to $1,000 over two calendar years, beginning on January 1 of every odd-numbered year
  • Basic dental services, such as restorations, extractions, and preventative services
  • Partial dentures, replacement dentures or reline/re-base of dentures
  • Crowns and bridges, under certain circumstances

You may be eligible for dentures if you:

  • Receive any kind of income assistance, and
  • Had your complete upper and/or lower teeth removed in the previous six months to relieve pain


Children under 19 in families on assistance have basic dental coverage including:

  • Up to $1,400 over two calendar years, beginning on January 1 of every odd numbered year
  • An additional $1,000 per year to cover the cost of dental treatment in a hospital under a general anaesthetic

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