B.C. Completion Grant for Graduates

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The B.C. Completion Grant for Graduates is designed to help reduce your British Columbia student loan debt upon graduation.

Payments are made only on the amount of the B.C. student loan outstanding as of your study period end date up to a maximum of $500. The B.C. Completion Grant for Graduates is applied to the outstanding B.C. portion of the Canada-B.C. integrated student loan, not to provincial student loans from other provinces.

You may be eligible if you:

  • have graduated from a B.C. public or an accredited private training school
  • have received a B.C. student loan
  • have graduated from an eligible undergraduate program on or after April 1, 2015 that is at least two years in length and led to a diploma or undergraduate degree in one of targeted areas of study
  • apply for the B.C. Completion Grant for Graduates within one year from your study period end date (the last day of your studies to earn your credential, not your date of convocation)
  • include a sealed official transcript indicating a credential was granted or an original signed letter from your faculty confirming graduation requirements have been met (photocopies are not acceptable.) If you are submitting a signed letter from the faculty in lieu of the transcript, please be sure the letter includes the last day of studies
  • are not restricted in default, delinquent, bankruptcy, under audit or have an overaward

For more information on the B.C. Completion Grant for Graduates, visit StudentAid BC.

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