Pharmacy access to PharmaNet


PRIME is the online application for healthcare professionals to request approval from the Ministry of Health to access PharmaNet. For details about enrolling, see PRIME.

PharmaNet is a secure computer network that links community and hospital pharmacies throughout the province.

All users

You will need to return to PRIME and update your information if you:

  • Start a job at a new pharmacy
  • Move to different care setting, such as a health authority facility
  • Will not be using PharmaNet for more than 30 days (report an absence)

You will also be prompted to renew your PRIME enrolment once a year, which involves reading and accepting the terms of access.

If you are graduating soon, you will likely be registering with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (CPBC) and eventually enrolling in PRIME to request approval from the Ministry of Health to access PharmaNet.

To save time, set up the BC Services Card app on your mobile device as soon as you can—before you start registration with the College. As soon as you are registered with the College, you will be able to enrol in PRIME immediately, even on the first day of a new job.  You will need the email address of the the person in your workplace who sets up PharmaNet accounts.

If you will be accessing PharmaNet to deliver direct patient care, you will need to enrol in PRIME. A key component of enrolling in PRIME is having the BC Services Card, which requires enrolment in the BC Medical Services Plan.

You will need to contact HIBC at least 30 days ahead of your first day of work to find out if you can obtain a BC Services Card in time, or to enrol for access to PharmaNet if you aren't eligible for a BC Services Card.

Contact to ask about your options for accessing PharmaNet.

To help your staff enrol in PRIME, you will need to identify a PharmaNet administrator who either creates PharmaNet accounts for staff, or communicates with the PharmaNet software vendor to do so. Your staff will need this person's email address when they enrol in PRIME.

How to help your staff:

Note: if you change software vendors at your site, you may need to ask your staff to log in to PRIME and share their approval with the new vendor.

Before you enrol in PRIME, you will need to set up your BC Services Card app.

PRIME collects only your name, address and date of birth—the minimum to verify your identity.


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