Community Health Practice Access to PharmaNet (ComPAP)

Overview of Service

PharmaNet is a secure network that links community pharmacies and other authorized users throughout the province. Providing B.C. health care providers with controlled  access to their clients' medication profiles can protect British Columbians from potentially dangerous medication interactions and duplications, while limiting prescription fraud and drug abuse.

Community Health Practice Access to PharmaNet (ComPAP) enhances patient care by providing authorized health care professionals with complete, accurate and comprehensive patient and drug information. This service is available for eligible health practitioners in community health practices and supervised persons acting on their behalf.

Who Can Register for Access

The following community health practitioners can register for access to PharmaNet through ComPAP (via this page):

Practitioners must practice at a community practice site in British Columbia and must be in good standing with their respective colleges.

If your access to PharmaNet is provided at a health authority site (including community clinics) via a health authority information system, you should not register through ComPAP. Please speak to your health authority about registering for access.

Registering for Access

PharmaNet access is granted to an individual community health practitioner rather than the community health practice itself, so each practitioner must register for access.

Before You Begin

Determine which software vendor you will use to access PharmaNet from your practice site. You will need this information to register:

Approved Software Vendors for Community Health Practices



Commander Group




IClinic Inc.




Plexia Electronic Medical Systems Inc.


  • If yours is a new practice, you will have to enter into a contract with one of the approved software vendors before you complete the registration forms.
  • If you practice at several sites, you will need the software vendor’s name for each site.

Make a list of the full names and job titles of everyone who is under your direct supervision and who will access PharmaNet on your behalf. If you practice at several sites, you will need a list of supervised persons for each site.

Completing the Registration Forms

To register for access to PharmaNet, you must complete TWO forms:

  1. Community Health Practitioner Request for Access to PharmaNet (HLTH 4530) (PDF,F, 980KB)
  2. Community Health Practitioner PharmaNet Access Agreement (HLTH 4532) (PDF, 205KB)

Anyone under your direct supervision who will access PharmaNet on your behalf must complete an Undertaking of Confidentiality and Security by Person Accessing PharmaNet on a Practitioner’s Behalf (HLTH 4531) (PDF, 81KB).

1. Practitioner Request for Access to PharmaNet form (HLTH 4530)

Some web browsers may not support all the features of PDF forms. To avoid errors, we recommend you download the form and open it using the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Step 1. Open and fill in all fields on the Community Health Practitioner Request for Access form (HLTH 4530) (PDF, 980KB).
If all fields marked with a red asterisk are not completed, the form cannot be submitted. If you are completing the form in a web browser, navigating back to complete fields will result in a blank form.

Step 2. Click PRINT. You must print and sign a copy of the form to accompany your access agreement.

Step 3. After the form has printed, click the SUBMIT button to send the information electronically  and begin the registration process. If you do not submit this form online, we will not be able to process your registration.                                     

2. PharmaNet Access Agreement (HLTH 4532)

Step 1. Print a copy of the Community Health Practitioner PharmaNet Access Agreement (HLTH 4532) (PDF, 205KB).

Step 2. Complete all  fields by printing the information in block letters.

Step 3. Sign the Agreement; have a witness sign and date it as well.

Step 4. Make a copy of the signed Agreement for your records.

Step 5. Submit the signed Access Agreement (HLTH 4532) and the Request for Access form (HLTH 4530) using one of the methods below:

  • Scan and Upload
    Scan both signed documents into a single PDF file.
    Go to the Health Data Access Services Secure Upload Tool
    Complete the name and contact fields on the submission page.
    Browse to attach the single PDF of both signed documents.
    Click upload.
  • Fax
    Fax both signed documents to Health Data Access Services at 250-405-3628.
  • Mail
    Send the signed copies of both documents to
    Health Data Access Services
    Ministry of Health
    PO BOX 9654
    Victoria BC V8W 9P4

Each community health practitioner will be contacted by their vendor when their registration has been processed and access to PharmaNet has been granted.

After Access Has Been Granted

It is your responsibility, as the community health practitioner, to notify the Ministry of any changes in address (including new locations), changes to supervised persons’ information, or if you no longer practice at a community health practice location. Each practitioner must also maintain an active subscription to the PharmaCare Newsletter, as required under section 6.2 of the Community Health Practitioner PharmaNet Access Agreement.

Updating Community Health Practitioner and Community Health Practice Information

To update your existing information, please complete and submit the appropriate update form.

Where to Access PharmaNet

You may access PharmaNet only at the community practice site from a computer (desktop, laptop or tablet) that is connected to the site’s secure local area network (LAN).

You must not access PharmaNet with a mobile device such as a smartphone.

You must not access PharmaNet remotely (i.e. from any location outside the community health practice site).

Using a Wireless Network

You may access PharmaNet over a wireless local area network at your site only when

  • the wireless network has met all of the requirements set forth in the Office of the Chief Information Officer's wireless standards
  • you have completed and submitted the appropriate attestation form(s)
  • you are inside the community health practice premises

To register to use a wireless network at your site, please see Requirements for Wireless Access to PharmaNet.