Community Health Practice Access to PharmaNet

Individuals needing new PharmaNet access in a community practice must now apply directly to the Ministry of Health using the PRIME system.

Community practices needing to set up new access to PharmaNet must apply to the Ministry by completing a site registration, as outlined below.

If a PharmaNet user’s information needs to be updated, that person must enrol in PRIME. To update information about a community practice, the practice needs to complete the site registration, as outlined below.

Who enrols in PRIME now?

  • Practitioners joining a community practice (including those who already access PharmaNet at another location)
  • Practitioners needing remote access
  • Practitioners updating personal information
  • New users accessing PharmaNet on behalf of a practitioner (e.g., MOAs)
  • On-behalf-of users updating information

Who needs to use the new site registration process?

  • Any community practice needing a new PharmaNet access site
  • Any community practice changing PharmaNet software vendors
  • Any community practice updating its information
  • Any existing site with practitioners wanting remote access (see below)

The option to access PharmaNet from outside an approved PharmaNet community practice site (e.g., from home) has been developed in tandem with PRIME. Remote access is not available for health authority sites. You must confirm that your PharmaNet software vendor offers this service before requesting remote access from the Ministry. Please see below for more information about remote access.

If you already use PharmaNet in your regular community practice location and do not need remote access, you do not need to enrol in PRIME at this time. The Ministry of Health will advise of the onboarding schedule when confirmed.

Learn more about the PRIME project.

If you are not enrolled in PRIME and are retiring or otherwise want to end your access to PharmaNet, please see Community Health Pracititioner Discontinuing Access to PharmaNet.

Community practices needing new access to PharmaNet, or where practitioners want remote access, will complete and sign

If practitioners will be accessing PharmaNet remotely, the practice will also complete

NOTE: Find out first if your vendor is offering remote access. Not all are.

If this is a first PharmaNet Access Request, for any reason, the practice will need to upload their

  • Business licence (normally issued by the municipality where the site is located)

1. Choose a PharmaNet software vendor. You must have a contract with an approved PharmaNet software vendor before registering your site:

  • Exelleris: 1 866 728-4777
  • iClinic Inc.: 604 566-9862
  • Medinet: 1 800 737-3771
  • Plexia Electronic Medical Systems Inc.: 604 269-3733
  • CareConnect (geographically restricted):

Again, not all PharmaNet software vendors are offering remote access at this time. Please confirm before registering.

2. Once you have contracted with a vendor, complete, print and sign the documents listed above.

  • Upload completed docuements through the secure upload tool. Be sure to scan both sides of the document, and all pages.
  • If you are unable to scan and upload, fax the documents to 250-405-3628. 

3. You and your PharmaNet software vendor will be notified when your site registration is complete. Your vendor will arrange for your software to be installed and will set up access accounts at your registered site for all users approved for PharmaNet access.

The following practitioners may use PRIME to request access to PharmaNet at community practice locations:

  • Physicians licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC;
  • Nurse practitioners licensed by the BC College of Nursing Professionals; 
  • Pharmacists licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC, who are working in non-pharmacy community practice settings; and
  • Individuals accessing PharmaNet on behalf of any of the above (e.g., medical office assistants (MOAs), licensed professional nurses, registered nurses)

Physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists must be:

  • Practicing at community practices in British Columbia;
  • Licensed to provide direct patient care requiring PharmaNet in that setting; and
  • In good standing with their respective colleges.

To enrol in PRIME you will need:

If you cannot use a mobile device (cellphone, tablet), visit Service BC office, confirm your identity, and obtain a USB drive to use with a desktop or laptop computer.

If you are not eligible for a BC Services Card, you cannot enrol online with PRIME at this time. Call Health Insurance BC at 1 844 397 7463.

Get started

Log on to PRIME with your mobile BC Services Card, fill in the fields and agree to the terms of access.

Most enrolments will be processed immediately. If your enrolment needs further review by the Ministry of Health, you may be contacted for information.

Once your enrolment is approved, notify the person in your organization who sets up PharmaNet accounts.

The option to access PharmaNet from outside an approved community practice PharmaNet site (e.g., from home) has been developed in tandem with PRIME.

Remote access is explicitly prohibited under the PharmaNet agreements that practitioners have already signed (ComPAP and MPAP). Enrolling via PRIME replaces the ComPAP and MPAP agreements with the new user terms of access, which permit remote access under specific conditions.

Before an individual may access PharmNet remotely, their organization has to register the site using the process outlined above.

Once the site is registered, each practitioner needing remote access enrols in PRIME. If you provide care to patients in multiple private practices, each practice needs to be registered and using a vendor with an approved remote access mechanism.

If you need remote access to PharmaNet, whether for a new community practice or for a practice that already has PharmaNet access, talk to your PharmaNet software vendor first to make sure they offer this service.

Anyone accessing PharmaNet on your behalf must also enrol in PRIME, but if you are accessing PharmaNet remotely, you must do so yourself. Remote access, or access on behalf of a practitioner providing care outside the PharmaNet physical location, is not permitted.

Note that remote access can only be used to provide care to patients through the private community practice settings. It cannot be used for patients in hospitals or other health authority facilities.

PharmaNet is a secure network linking community pharmacies and other authorized clinical users in British Columbia. It records all medication dispensed in community pharmacies and gives health care providers controlled access to their clients' dispensing history. It protects against dangerous medication interactions, prescription fraud and drug abuse. Connection is provided by software vendors. Their software, installed at a single community medical practices is called a site. Practices using more than one vendor for PharmaNet access have more than one site.