Emergency Department Access to PharmaNet

Overview of Service

PharmaNet is a secure computer network that links community pharmacies and hospitals throughout the province. By allowing B.C. health care providers controlled computer access to their client's medication profiles, PharmaNet can protect British Columbians from potentially dangerous medication interactions and duplications. In addition, it helps to limit prescription fraud and drug abuse.

PharmaNet also complies with the province's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Purpose of Service

This service permits authorized individuals in hospital emergency departments, and diagnostic and treatment centres, to access patient medication profiles to assist in determination of patient therapy, in a timely and secure manner.

Supporting Documentation

Business and technical specifications for development of PharmaNet transactions are available in the Compliance Standards Documentation for PharmaNet. Some equivalent corresponding transactions for direct access to client registry are available through the Health Registry Standard Compliance Document.

Wireless Access

Facilities that choose to implement a wireless connection to PharmaNet must complete and submit an Attestation of Compliance with the Government of British Columbia Wireless Standards [Schedule 23 (PDF, 649KB)]. In some cases one individual may be authorized to sign the attestation on behalf of more than one facility. If this is the case, complete the Additional Facilities form [Schedule 24 (PDF, 595KB)]. The Ministry of Health currently requires re-attestation every two years and, at its discretion, has the right to require re-attestation and/or audit compliance with the Office of the Chief Information Officer's wireless standards at any time.

Please mail or fax completed forms to the address on the Attestation of Compliance. Further information can be found at Wireless Access.

Forms and Information